Monday, May 6, 2013

Party Time 2!

Like last year, Georgia wasn't so sure about the whole cake routine again this time around...

Happy birthday to you!

But she does LOVE that frosting!

Checking out her Bubble Guppies stick

Eating her cupcake with Mimi

We **thought** we would open presents after naptime, but Georgia had other ideas when she decided to start opening presents from her guests all by herself!  So....

Checking out a new princess book from our neighbors

Georgia was so excited that Miss Nicole from daycare came to her party!

New shades from Auntie Susan/Uncle Malon


Kate helping the birthday girl

Watch out G - Kate might try stealing that doll!!!

Someone started looking VERY sleepy while she tore open presents...

Birthday girl

I'm so proud of my big 2 year-old!

Mommy & G

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