Saturday, April 13, 2013

White House Easter Egg Roll 2013 - We're In!

Since we arrived nice and early for the Easter Egg Roll, we managed to get a primo spot at the front of the line for our time slot.  We waited patiently for almost two hours before we got the green light to head on in.  Immediately, people started heading to various activities - the actual egg roll, the concert stage, the book reading area, etc.  Since we were in the front, we decided to brave the already forming line at the egg roll.  I had read horror stories about people waiting in line for hours, so we figured we might as well try to get in line early and see if the line moved quickly.  

I grabbed a spot in line while Nick and Georgia wandered a bit.  There were lots of characters walking around from PBS shows and a variety of other kid friendly networks, as well as the Easter bunny!

My view of the White House from my place in line for the egg roll

Presidential seal on the White House

Moving up closer in line!

Attempting to get a picture of Georgia and I in front of the White House.  She must have been impressed because she refused to look away!

Luckily, we didn't have to wait long in line and before we knew it, it was our turn to roll the egg!  

The group in front of us rolling their eggs

And we're off...

Trying to teach Georgia how to use the giant spoon to roll the egg while she screams "MINE!" at me and whips the spoon away!

Rolling, rolling, rolling

Well, we're definitely losing this race!  But, we're having fun!

And here is where I thought, "Oh geez, please don't touch the egg - I really don't want to administer an epi-pen on the South Lawn of the White House!"

She thinks the spoon is going home with her!

Almost there!!

Wahoo - we made it!!!

Taking a break after a long roll!!!

Next up... The Obama family joins the party!

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