Thursday, April 18, 2013

White House Easter Egg Roll 2013 - The Obama Family Arrives!

It still feels weird to get "back to normal" after the events in Boston this week.  My heart will forever be a part of that city and I hope these cowards are caught sooner rather than later!

However, life does go on, so I thought I'd get back to regular posting... We left off with Georgia rolling Easter eggs on the South Lawn of the White House.  Immediately following our roll, rumors started rumbling through the crowd that the Obama family was coming out to greet the crowd.  People started lining up along a rope line that was directly in front of where we were standing and the band started playing on the balcony.

Georgia did not have the patience to await the President's arrival, so we started roaming around while Nick waited on the rope line.  By far, the best decision of the day!!!  Nick ending up waiting for about 40 minutes before the first family emerged.  During that time, Georgia ran wild on the White House lawn.  Nick text as the first family emerged and we attempted to get close to him, but the closest we got was a wave from the next area over...

Georgia made it crystal clear that she was not waiting for anyone!  So, I had to inform the lovely Secret Service agent standing next to me that I had to get out of that area (there was now a massive crowd gathering behind us).  He let me sneak under a rope line to exit the area.  Well, apparently people must have thought we were someone important to be on that other side of the rope because people were taking Georgia and I's picture and screaming to us as we exited out the back.

Meanwhile, as we made our exit, the Obama family and some special guests made their way outside...

The official Easter Bunny!

The first family emerges!

National Anthem

Bo, the first dog!

Because Nick maintained his spot on the rope line, he actually was right in the front when the Obama family came down from the balcony.  My mom, who was watching the event live on the internet, actually caught sight of Nick during the broadcast.

Michelle Obama greeting the crowd

Nick shaking the first lady's hand!

President Obama greeting the crowd

We reunited with Daddy for a snack... that Georgia helped herself to from the Whole Food display!

I'll wrap up our White House adventure later this week!  All I can say is... what an experience.  Absolutely amazing and we highly recommend the event to anyone who can manage to get a ticket.  Our weather definitely made the day picture perfect.  It was very foggy earlier in the day and some rain showers moved through later in the day, but our two hour slot was absolutely amazing.  I'm not sure if I would have loved the day so much if it was raining or cold.  We started off in layers, but ended up in short sleeves by lunchtime.  The Obama family coming out and officially opening the event was fantastic and completed the day and the experience for us!

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