Saturday, April 20, 2013

White House Easter Egg Roll 2013 - The Finale...

Since we only had two hours to enjoy our White House experience, we enjoyed our final hour just walking around and taking in the sights.  All the teeny boppers went crazy for some young male singer that was performing on one stage, so we checked that out for awhile and Georgia danced to the music along with all the screaming girls!  We hopped on over to the hula-hoop area, met lots of characters, and basked in the beautiful sunshine.  Amazing what a few hours difference can make with the weather.

Family picture while Georgia snacks away!

Hula hooping

Kisses from Daddy

Watching the action

Georgia helped facilitate an introduction to Chef Anne Burrell from the Food Network since she almost ran her over when she ran underneath a rope line and trampled her and several of the Executive White House chefs!!

At the conclusion of the event, we lined up with the thousands of other families to file out and receive our complimentary wooden commemorative Easter egg.  We were very thankful that we had our large stroller with us to store all the stuff we collected and to give our arms a break from carrying Georgia.  **Sidenote - I woke up on Tuesday morning feeling like I had carried around a 25lb weight all day long.... oh wait!**  I'm also thankful that we packed lots of snacks for Georgia as she devoured everything that I gave her that day.

Meeting one of the characters from "Super Why!"

Running the obstacle course again... and again... and again!

Meeting Mrs. Easter Bunny!

While we waited in line to exit the event, Nick and I realized that we were ravenous.  We also realized we'd never get into a nearby restaurant with this many people exiting at one time, so we quickly used our phones to make a reservation at Chef Geoff's a few blocks away.  By the time we walked over, our table was ready and we were able to get right into the restaurant.  I was BEYOND thrilled to see they listed all their allergens on their kid menu (Thanks, Chef Geoff!!), so we ordered Georgia a burger and fries and let her chow down while Nick and I inhaled some food.

As we headed out of town, we decided that an emergency stop was needed at Good Stuff Eatery for a shake for the ride!  Perfect ending to a perfect day.

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