Monday, April 1, 2013

Spring Break - Part 2

Continuing on from yesterday's post... Georgia enjoyed the week visiting with Mimi and playing around the house.

Thanks Auntie Elaine & Uncle Ray for the new outfits and books!

Georgia's newest obsession is "Finding Nemo" - she could watch it again and again and again!  The first time we put it on, we figured she'd maybe sit for a few minutes to watch it.  Nope - she sat through the entire thing and promptly declared, "Again - more Nemo!" when it finished.  I'm fairly certain she could watch it everyday.  She loves pointing out all the animals and dancing along to the music.  Mimi had never seen it, so Georgia introduced it to her.  She jumped right up during her favorite scene with the turtles!

Thanks, Auntie Lisa for the Easter package.  Georgia pulled everything out of the bag and declared it, "Awesome!"  She stamped everything she could get her hands on for the next two days with her new crown stamp.

Checking out Hello Bunny

Mommy & G

Hugs for Mimi

On Friday night, we made Daddy pretend to be a pony and Georgia loved getting rides all over the house!

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