Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Spring Break - Kites Over Clarksburg

Last weekend, we attended the 5th annual Kites Over Clarksburg event, which was a festival at the neighborhood next to our own.  When we first arrived, only a few kites were flying in the sky, but soon enough the sky was dotted with kites of every color and size!  Luckily, I remembered earlier in the week to swing by the store and pick up a kite for Georgia to fly.  Options were limited, so Cinderella got to come home with us!

Walking to the kite festival

Thankfully, Daddy is a kite flying expert, so he got our kite up and flying right away.

Daddy's manly Cinderella kite

Running after her kite

Where did it go????


Watching the kites fly with Mimi

Flying her kite

Not long after we arrived, Georgia spotted her favorite playground set and demanded "Over there!"  

We had to drag Georgia out of the playground kicking and screaming because she wanted to spend the entire day just swinging and sliding away!

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