Sunday, April 7, 2013

Georgia - 23 month (Part B)

Wow - 23 months.   I'd ask where has the time gone, but this month it seems as thought most of our time has been spent dealing with screaming temper tantrums.  Granted, the poor child is currently getting 8 teeth at one time.  Yup, that's right - every single tooth left in her mouth is coming in... all at one time.  Talk about fun times.  The poor thing howls in pain and grabs at her mouth all the time, even with round the clock Tylenol and Orajel.  However, it's also made her a very unpleasant person to be around this month.  You know it is bad when even daycare has complained about her attitude lately and she is usually an angel there!

Other highlights from the month include...
* Georgia has well over 300 words at this point.  She talks non-stop these days!  New favorites include, "My turn!" (usually while she already has the item she wants), "I did it!". "I got it!", and our her newest exclamation - "Awesome!!!"  She has been talking about "eggs" all month long thanks to Easter.  We have daily egg hunts several times a day in the house.  She also loves to scream, "Listen!" whenever she hears a noise like an airplane.  She demands, "cream" and "itchy" all the time now.  Things are also "scary" now and she will tell you, "I scared!"  We hear "Oops!" and "Oh no!" dozens of times each day.

* She still loves to look at books and asks, "What's that?" at least a million times on each page, even though she already knows the name of the item she is pointing to.  As soon as you ask her, "What's that?" she will tell you.  She's also a fan of "What happened?" and "Where x go?"

* Georgia loves watching Giggle Bellies songs on Youtube.  We downloaded a bunch to the tv and she will scream "Again, Again!" after they finish every time.  Luckily, I use them each morning so she will stay still while I do her hair.

* She count now count to 10, but she prefers to skip 4 & 5 most of the time.  We are fairly certain that she has sung the alphabet the whole way through on multiple occasions and my Mom asked about that when she was just here, because she thought she heard her sing the entire thing too.  She can identify most letters these days (thank you, iPad!) and is starting to learn letter-sound correspondence.

* Favorite foods are currently her beloved chicken nuggets, her fake mac-n-cheese, Oreos, coconut milk yogurt, coconut milk ice cream bars, pasta, asparagus (not cut up - whole stalks that she inhales!), broccoli, sausage, pretzel sticks, animal crackers, Rice Krispies, and Fruit Loops.

* Georgia took her first trip to the White House!  (A future post on this is coming soon!!)

* She loves to cuddle before bed now and will sometimes pass up book time in order to just "cuddle!"

* Favorite toys include the iPad, her shopping cart, her wagon/bike (as the weather warms back up), chalk in the driveway, Violet, the leftover Easter eggs, stickers, coloring with crayons/chalk/markers, drum/drumstick, bubbles, and anything that Nick or I are interested in looking at! 

It's hard to believe she turns 2 at the end of the month... and finally gets to turn around in the car!

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