Monday, April 8, 2013

Easter Sunday...

On Easter Sunday, Georgia woke up in a FOUL mood.  It was a long day with minimal smiles, especially at brunch in the morning!  Apparently she didn't get the memo that Easter is a FUN holiday!!!  Her teeth were obviously bothering her most of the day and she just wasn't her usual self.  It didn't stop her from finding all of her Easter treats.

Checking out her Easter basket

Checking out the peeps before I discovered that she couldn't eat them.  I had read that Peeps were allergy safe, but the box said "may contain dairy," so they became an Easter treat for Daddy instead.

Daddy loved Georgia's new princess brush and carrot bubble necklace!

We survived the morning, but brunch was an entirely different story.  Georgia just didn't want to sit in her chair and instead wanted to sit on Mimi's lap the entire time.  Unfortunately, she had no interest in actual eating, so when our food arrived, she was bored and not even the iPhone could entertain her.  So, we inhaled brunch and made a quick escape with a screaming and flailing toddler in our arms.  You know it is bad when the restaurant doesn't even offer you a peek at the dessert menu and is more than happy to see you to the door!

At least she shared her pretzel sticks!

A few giggles!

Luckily, after a nap, Georgia woke up with an improved attitude and she was very excited to go on an Easter egg hunt!  Unfortunately, it was raining out, so our hunt had to take place indoors.  It took her a few minutes to figure out the whole deal with finding eggs, but once she caught on, she was off and running.  Needless to say, we ended up having several hunts that afternoon!

Hunting up some eggs

Eggs filled with Fruit Loops!

Not sure who had more fun --- G or Nick!

Hmmmm... thinking about where to find the next egg!

So excited to find another egg!

Happy to show Mimi all of her eggs

Checking out her loot

First lollipop!

If an Easter egg hunt wasn't exciting enough, then she opened her Easter presents from Mimi...

Checking out her new backpack

Trying on her new backpack

Checking out her backpack contents

And a new puppy purse!!

Even a week later, the Easter egg hunting continues at our house.  The game never grows old!!!

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