Sunday, March 31, 2013

Spring Break - Part 1

Ahhhh - Spring Break!  A time to relax, get outside and enjoy the beautiful spring weather.  Oh wait, it's still practically winter here in suburban DC.  We did manage to squeeze in some outdoor time this week but it was few and far between.  Thankfully the snow from Monday melted away and the sunshine (albeit cold sunshine) returned for most of the week. 

Georgia spent the beginning of the week in daycare so that I could start test driving all sorts of SUVs as we start our hunt for a new vehicle.  Surprisingly, even daycare complained that Georgia was "not quite herself" this week.  That was putting it nicely!  She was a maniac most days.  Nick finally got to the ROOT of the problem mid-week when he discovered that the princess had not 1, not 2, not 3 or 4 or even 5, but 8 teeth coming in all at one time!  Her gums were all swollen and bruised, so we started giving her round the clock Tylenol and orajel to help with the pain.  She now begs us "medicine!"

Luckily, Mimi showed up mid-week and was a great distraction to help keep Georgia's mind off her new chompers.  Lots of packages arrived in the mail throughout the week, which also helped keep Georgia occupied, busy and entertained.

Thanks Auntie Sherrie, Uncle Ken and Abby --- Georgia loves coloring her new glitter pages!

Georgia wasn't the only one to get some packages delivered this week.  Nick got a delivery too... his new beer fridge for the basement!

On Thursday, we introduced Mimi to the new Bennigan's in town.  Georgia loved the big girl cup that the waitress brought to her!

Mimi and Georgia have been all over the house from upstairs to the basement playing all day long...


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