Thursday, March 7, 2013

Snow - Storm or Bust - Part 1...

Beginning about a week ago, our weather folks starting going crazy with predictions of a major storm to hit the mid-Atlantic for this week.  They hyped up the storm night after night.  By Tuesday night, we were expecting 12-18 inches here.  The motto around our house...

I debated putting the sign away with the Christmas decorations, but held out hope this year!

Wednesday morning we awoke to the snow quickly accumulating and our first snow day in two years!  Wahoo.  We enjoyed a lazy morning watching cartoons and just laying around the house as the snow came down fast and furious outside.

We all dressed for play time in the snow while Nick blew up all of our inflatables!  We couldn't wait to go sledding in the backyard for the first time ever...

Jumping on the tube and chanting "Swimming, swimming!" as we got ready to head outside

Who needs to go outside?!?

Up next... out we go into the storm!

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