Saturday, March 9, 2013

Snow BUST!!

So after massive media hype all week long, we ended up with a grand total of about 2-3 inches of snow on Wednesday.  But the important part was that school was cancelled (WAHOO!) and we managed to squeeze in some sledding in the backyard!


The snow was heavy and wet, but the majority of the flakes were instantly melting when they hit the grass and road.

Nick, Liz & Bennett made it over to play for a bit.  Unfortunately, Bennett left his snow coat at daycare, so he borrowed a rain coat from Georgia.  Bennett looks fantastic in purple!!

Nick and Bennett

Georgia exploring the patio and firepit

Nick pulling Georgia up the hill

My little snow bunny!

Uncle Nick tries out a sledding run

Georgia and Nick get ready to slide!

Down they go!

Liz & Bennett head down the hill

Georgia & Daddy

Enjoying the snow.... now bring on spring!

Cheers to one final dose (really, our only dose) of winter.  We're almost onto spring here in the DC region.  Fine by me.  If it's not snowing, then I have no need for cold weather!

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Joan - Mimi's golf buddy said...

So enjoyed catching up on Georgia's adventures in growing up! She is getting to be quite the little lady!
Enjoy! (Hope she isn't like my daughter with potty training - we had to see every bathroom everyplace we went)