Sunday, March 3, 2013

Our Growing Toddler...

The 22 month review...

* Georgia can now use an iPad better than most adults.  She can swipe, push, and move things around with ease.  Her favorite apps are Starfall, Nick Jr., Sprout, and Tozzle.  She loves to do puzzles on her iPad and we've been blown away by how proficient she has gotten with matching letters, numbers, and so much more.

* She's up to well over 250 words and uses them in combinations of 2-3 words all the time.  Her latest favorites include:
          "What's that?"
          "Oh wow!"
          "How many?"
          "More x, y, z"
          "I did it!"
          "Mama/Dada x, y, z"
          "Bless you!" (when you sneeze)
          "Excuse me"
          "Scoop it!" (when she's trying to scoop up her yogurt)
          "Stab it!" (when using her fork)
          "All better!"
          "Ok!" (after anything you say)
          "Hi Mama/Dada/KC/Pony/etc."
          "Welcome... thank you!" (literally, back-to-back like that)
          "Oh no... x, y, z" 
          "Missed it!" (aka - you/I/anyone dropped something)
* Her favorite tv shows still include the norms, like "Bubble Guppies and "Thomas," but have also grown to include "Sophia the First" and "Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood."

* She can identify a handful of letters, including /p, g, m, q/

* She counts "1 - 2 - 9," but then can add in "6 - 7 -8" when she wants to

* Her favorite books include Bears Snores On, The Going to Bed Book, Let's Go, Thomas, and Ballet Kitty

* She loves to sing and now sings a mean version of "Twinkle, Twinkle" (my favorite verse is "Tinkle, Tinkle Little 'tar! How I lalala up you are!")

* She can sing the alphabet song from A to G and hums the rest

* Georgia's favorite toys this month include ALL of her stuffed animals, her play kitchen, her iPad, and pretty much whatever she digs out of the toy box.  She loves to build and color.

* She loves to play with ice cubes and spends hours on the kitchen floor moving them from cup to cup and stirring them up with her spoons

* Every time the doorbell rings, Georgia runs to it and screams, "Mimi!!"

* Funniest moment of the month --- We were watching the news and up popped the donkey and elephant to represent the Republican and Democratic parties.  Georgia pointed and yelled, "Horsey!  Elephant!"  Such a DC girl.

* After some monster drooling earlier in the week, Georgia's two upper incisors appear to be poking through her gums.  Hopefully once they are out, they will make her a happier person!

* We're fairly certain that Georgia must be going through a growth spurt since she's been trying to eat us out of house and home lately!  Some mornings, she eats 4 donuts for breakfast and other nights, she is literally eating off Nick and I's plates once she finishes her own dinner

* Favorite foods include chicken nuggets, pizza, bagel thins, pop-tarts, deli turkey, grapes, strawberries, homemade donuts, yogurt, Oreos, noodles, french fries, and peas

* She loves to make animal noises and can tell you what a cat, dog, sheep, cow, lion/tiger, etc. all say.  My favorite is if you ask her what a pirate says and she replies, "Argh!"

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