Tuesday, March 19, 2013

No Nuts! No Nuts!

Since Georgia suffers a variety of food allergies, we are constantly researching and trying new products for her to try out.  You can't imagine how many "safe" foods are produced on the same equipment as peanuts and other tree nuts.  I even bought a bag of dried blueberries once from Sam's Club that had been processed on a peanut line.  Dried blueberries?!?!  Thankfully, we've become really good at checking labels and we use apps on our phone to double-check items that we question.  We've been very lucky to develop a great relationship with some allergy free food companies and I'm constantly trying to expand that base so that Georgia has great tasting and healthy food to eat all day long.

A few months ago, we received some products from the nice people at Nonuttin' Foods Inc. and somehow through the long winter and holidays, the items got pushed back on the shelves.  Well, on Saturday morning, I found one of their oatmeal containers and couldn't wait for Georgia to give it a try.  She's never had oatmeal before, so the whole idea of a warm breakfast item that she could eat with a spoon was novel to her.  She was definitely intrigued by the idea!

She took one look and used her new favorite phrase, "What's that?!?!?"

I loved the convenient package - I just heated up some water in the microwave and let the oatmeal steam away in the container for a few minutes.  It smelled delicious!

Getting a big scoop

Being in her typical toddler fickle mode, Georgia inhaled the first few bites and then promptly declared that breakfast was over.  Fine with Mama because I happily ate the rest of the oatmeal!  The Pacific Coast Morning flavor had dried blueberries and cranberries, which made for a healthy breakfast and it kept me full and satisfied all morning long.  We can't wait to try the other flavors that NoNuttin' sent our way!  I love that Georgia has the option for a warm and healthy breakfast that is delicious and also safe for her to eat!!

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