Friday, March 1, 2013

Egg Challenge...

Last week, Georgia and I (voluntarily) spent an entire morning at her allergist's office.  We were there for our official "egg challenge."  Since her allergy numbers dropped on her last blood test, the doctor wanted to see how she would react to egg ingestion.  The challenge consisted of Georgia eating small amounts of a baked product containing egg over the course of several hours as the office monitored her breathing, skin, etc.  I spent the night before baking a delicious banana bread, as well as some back-up cookies, to ensure that she'd eat while we were there.

Thank goodness for the iPad, since Georgia spent most of the morning playing games and entertaining herself on the device.  I had to even use our old trick from the Bahamas where I put the food on the screen and she ate the food without really realizing what she was doing.

The best news - no reaction!!!  She had the smallest little red bump under her lip after eating an entire slice of the bread.  However, the allergist was thrilled with how she did, especially because she essentially ate an entire serving of the item.  The plan is that over the next few months we're going to slowly introduce baked egg to her in various products. - most should have been baked in a hot oven for at least 30+ minutes (to assist in the breakdown of the egg protein, which is what she has the reaction to).  So, the following weekend she ate a cookie with egg in it and we're going to monitor her skin from now until the summer.   We're hoping that this is great news and that hopefully one day in the future she can even eat regular eggs that haven't been baked for 30+ minutes.  Baby steps....


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