Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Weekend Visit from Mimi...

We were lucky enough to have Mimi come visit us this past weekend for part of her "birthday month" celebration!  Georgia heard the doorbell ring and went flying to the door yelling "Mimi!  Mimi!"

Calling Papa to let him know that Mimi arrived safe and sound in Maryland while Georgia climbs her like a monkey

Playing with stickers from Papa and showing off her new "Bubble Guppies" t-shirt

Happy girls!

On Saturday, Georgia had her first ever grilled "cheese" using some new soy cheese we wanted to try out.  Of course, Nick may have snuck a piece of bacon in that sandwich!  Overall, success.  We've also been trying her out with just eating at the table and slowly getting away from eating in the highchair.

Her first bite!!  Yummo!

And then more play time with Mimi...

Kisses for Mimi

On Saturday night, Nick and I had dinner reservations, so G got to hang with Mimi...  But a few pics of the ladies first...

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Sherrie Feffer-Thoman said...

What gorgeous pictures of the Spellissy ladies!