Sunday, February 24, 2013

Mimi Visit - Part 2

It was a busy week around the house and I didn't want to post too much involving our weekend visit from Mimi last week because I flew up to surprise her for her birthday party this weekend in Massachusetts.  But, we held our own little party for her last weekend...

Last Sunday, Georgia and Mimi spent the day building towers and knocking them down - one of G's favorite hobbies!

Getting taller!

On Sunday night, we took Mimi out for dinner at one of our favorite restaurants in Rockville - Matchbox.  It was the perfect place for a celebratory dinner since it's loud and family friendly.  Georgia had a blast watching the action at the bar and hanging out with Mimi...

Thank goodness for Bubble Guppies cards to entertain while you wait for dinner!

While we ordered a special dessert, Georgia enjoyed her Oreos!

Georgia was quite disappointed when Mimi blew out her candle.  "Again!!"  Guess we'll need a lot of candles for her next birthday cake!

Checking out that candle... and the lemon tart

Georgia was excited to help Mimi open her presents, especially the cards!

On Monday, before Mimi returned to Massachusetts, Georgia and Mimi discovered a fun new game... super heroes in capes!  

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