Wednesday, January 16, 2013


As you may recall, my mom bought Georgia her own "throne" last summer.  Well, it was officially christened this weekend!!  That's right, Georgia peed in the potty... several times.  She is absolutely potty obsessed these days.  She loves everything about the bathroom - the paper, flushing, closing the lid, saying bye to the pee-pee, etc.  So, Nick took out the potty and set it up in her bathroom this week.  Georgia was instantly obsessed.  She runs around the house screaming "potty!!"  

On Friday night, Nick took her upstairs and she wanted to sit on the potty. Shockingly, she actually peed!  Needless to say that a lot of it went on the floor, but baby steps.  Several times on Saturday, she asked to go to the potty and was successful in her endeavors.  We're shocked and beyond thrilled with our big girl.  She is so proud of herself and instantly asks for high-fives from everyone.  We're trying to figure out a good reward for her when she goes  to help reinforce the skill.  She just loves the music that plays from the musical potty when she goes and says "again!  again!"  

Obviously, we weren't planning to potty train for at least another few months, but I guess Georgia has changed that plan!

Yes, pictures and video were taken and no, I will not post them.  God forbid Georgia ever decides to run for President one day, half of her life is already posted on here!

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