Thursday, January 3, 2013

Georgia's Dream Kitchen...

One of Georgia's gifts from Mimi was a gigantic dream kitchen.  Mimi pre-warned Nick that the construction process for said kitchen was said to be "complicated" by the customer reviews online.  Not one to be defeated, Nick set out to build the kitchen while the princess napped.  90 minutes later, he went downstairs to get the drill and was mumbling something about "minimal assembly required?????"

Start of the project

Making progress

Power tools!!

A kitchen isn't complete without a backsplash and border!


And the big reveal...

Looking pretty happy with the present!

Cooking dinner!


Testing out some of the plastic food!  Yummo.


Hoping that she'll take over dinner prep soon enough!

The good news - Nick managed to finish before midnight and the project was completed before 2012 ended.  The better news - G loves it!

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melissab said...

Too bad Andrew was not there to return the favor and help build it!