Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Christmas Photo and Video Review...

Some random pictures and videos from the week that made me smile....

Trying to get 3 toddlers to smile at the camera at the same time - almost impossible!!!  We had a great visit with my grad school friends, their spouses, and their kids while we were in Boston.  Gone are the days of bar crawling and in are the days of group play dates!

Nick and I enjoyed an amazing night away at The Liberty Hotel while we were in Massachusetts.  Thanks, Mimi, for babysitting so we could escape for a night.  

My handsome husband enjoying a drink in the lobby at The Liberty.  We LOVED the upside down Christmas tree decor.

Nick and I debated multiple ways to kidnap our new favorite puppy, Murphy!

Pinterest success #1 - Santa hats!!!

Who said the toys are for the kids?!?!  It only took Andrew and Nick several days to build a lego tower!

Thank goodness for the ipad headrest mount for the car!  Thank you, Bubble Guppies, for getting us from CT to MA without a screaming toddler.

Sneaking in a quick visit with Asha and Clay before we left for Massachusetts

KC wanted to make sure that we didn't forget her before we packed for our trip.

Pinterest success #2 - I loved coming home to all our smiling friends and family this holiday season!

Nick's new official brewery sign

New Thomas toy from Grandma/Grandpa

New art easel from Mimi is bigger than Georgia!

And some videos...

Happy New Year!  May 2013 be a memorable one.

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