Monday, January 21, 2013

Boots, Car, and Hide-n-Seek

It was a long week around the house, so we're all enjoying the long holiday weekend!  The week in review...

Georgia is obsessed with her new pink boots and demands to wear them to school every single day!!

Nick spent Saturday morning putting together one of Georgia's Christmas presents (we've spread out introducing many of them, since she got so many great gifts) - her new princess coupe from Auntie, Uncle Andrew, Nathan and Matthew.  Compared to the kitchen, this one was a cake-walk and built in under an hour.  Georgia "helped" by testing out the product along the way...

But, Daddy, where are the wheels????

Who needs a roof?  The girl loves a convertible!

Thrilled with her new wheels!

Watch out, crazy driver on the road/hardwood!

Her vanity plate!

Georgia recently discovered Hide-n-Seek.  She doesn't quite get the part about counting before she goes to find Daddy, so Nick has to sprint to find a "hiding spot" with her in quick pursuit behind him.  It's very fun to watch!

Georgia screams, "I gotch-you!" when she finds you

Daddy trying to escape

Found again!

In hot pursuit...

Chasing Daddy

And wrapping up the night with a ride on her beloved pony...

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