Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A New Hockey Fan!

While Nick was at the Patriots game on Sunday, Georgia went to her first ever hockey game.  Since the NHL is not happening these days, we took advantage of my mom's season tickets to UMass-Lowell.  I wasn't quite sure how Georgia would like it since she's never been to anything like a hockey game.  Not too surprisingly, she loved everything about it - the noise, the people, the ice, the zamboni, the marching band, the jumbotron, the music, etc.  She danced non-stop and screamed "hooray" when everyone else cheered.  I think she even tried distracting the other team's goalie.  She pounded on the glass and screamed "hi!" at him during the game.

Matthew looks thrilled to be at the game with us!

Georgia loved watching Rowdy, the mascot, from afar, especially on the jumbotron.  She was not such a fan of him up close and personal!

Melissa & Matthew with Rowdy

Taking in all the action

Of course, Georgia had to find her way into the front row!

Mimi and G harassing the Bentley goalie!

At one point during the game, Nathan asked if Georgia would sit with him.  I told Nate that you never know and that there was a lot going on, so she might not go to him.  I was dead wrong.  Nathan held out his hands and Georgia climbed right on and gave him the best hug ever!!!  I'm not sure who moved quicker to grab a camera - Melissa or myself!

Such a great big cousin!

Of course, Auntie had to get in her cuddles too.

Borrowing Matthew's hat!

And, of course, Georgia hung out with her favorite person - Mimi!!

Up and down the stairs for the hundredth time

Obsessed with the jumbotron!

Thanks for the ticket, Mimi!

A few quick videos from the day...

Don't ask me who won the game... I was too busy watching the excitement on Georgia's face the whole time!

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