Wednesday, January 30, 2013

21 Months...

Another month filled with milestones as our little baby quickly turns into a little girl!  We think it is the pigtails, but she just looks so grown up this month.

Georgia's month was complete with lots of firsts...
* 1st delayed day of school due to snow (aka - ice)
* She has discovered "Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood" on PBS... It has in no way replaced the beloved Guppies, but she does like watching it now.  We like it because it is not watching the same episode of "Bubble Guppies" for the 3,087 time!
* 1st time wearing cowboy boots.... instant obsession, she wants to wear them daily now
* 1st pigtails and ponytails.  She regularly requests her "pretty" hair in the morning.
* 1st time blow-drying her hair like a big girl
* 1st walk on the treadmill
* 1st ear infection
* 1st time using the potty

Georgia is up to 215+ words and uses them in all sorts of combinations, including 2-3-4 words at a time.  She talks so much these days and you can really have a full conversation with her. New favorite words include... most of the colors, "yucky!", "big", "ready, set, go", "animals," "touch," "heavy," "wait," "pretty," "chair," "boots", etc.  It seems like she learns about 10 words every week.  Interestingly, she now likes to call Nick and I by "Daddy and Mommy" more than "Dada & Mama." 

These days, she can count to 3 and sings the alphabet from A-G.  She loves the letters and her new bath toys - sticky letters.  We hear the alphabet song again... and again... and again most nights because Georgia loves to stay up late playing in her crib.  Most nights she is still up in her crib with lights out by 8pm, but she happily kicks away and sings to herself until almost 9pm most nights.  Like her Daddy, she is NOT a morning person!  

Georgia loves singing and will happily sing along from the back seat of the car.  When she gets in my car after daycare, she immediately says "NO!" if the regular radio is on and demands her cd.  I hear "The Wheels on the Bus" most days and her new favorite, "If You're Happy and You Know It..."  She is NOT a fan of several songs on her cd and will express her displeasure if they come on.

She is complete monkey-see-monkey-do.  If I grab the vacuum, she immediately goes and finds her toy vacuum and "helps" me clean the floor.  If you make a noise, she imitates it right away.  Her latest fun noise is pretending she is a monkey!  Nick learned a valuable lesson about using adult language around her, as she enjoyed repeating back exactly what he said!  Her newest favorite expression is "OH MAN!" Not sure where she picked it up, but she repeats it over and over.  

Toys of the month include all of her stuffed animals, especially her bears and her pony.  She loves all my old Care-Bears and carries them all around the house.  You can barely find Georgia in her crib most mornings because she is surrounded by so many bears.  God forbid she can't find a bear immediately because she'll run around screaming "BEAR!" until she finds one.  She still loves books and enjoys coloring and will happily color the day away.  

As for food, her favorites this month include sweet potato tater-tots, chicken, spiral ham, and dairy-free mac-n-cheese.  She inhales her chicken nuggets and actually ate 4 entire nuggets for dinner one night this week.  She would gladly drink straight from the ketchup bottle, if we let her.  Annie's gummy snacks are still her favorite, as are her pretzel sticks, teensy fruits, and the beloved Oreos.  Mimi sent some new and safe animal crackers, which have also been a big hit this month.  Fish sticks were "yucky!"  Some days she is an empty pit and just eats the day away!  

Georgia's biggest milestone this month was definitely the amount of times that she has used the potty.  She loves to scream "potty" and run over to sit on it!  We've lost count of the number of times that she has actually peed in the potty because it's been so often.  We haven't committed to total potty-training yet, but we're hoping this is a good sign for future success.

And the cuteness....

Wearing a dress in January since it was 70 degrees today!

Stretching out

One of my favorite Georgia faces - the "Ohhhhh!"

And, of course, the real reason for these smiles (they are certainly not for me!!!)....

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