Saturday, January 5, 2013

20 months!

I think we shall nickname this photo shoot... "emotional roller coaster."  Keep in mind that the series of pictures below represents about a 30 second snapshot of Georgia's life.  It captured her emotions perfectly.  Up, down, and all around... in 5 seconds or less.  Welcome to toddlerhood???

Emotion #1 - Discontent ("Oh crap, mom, it's time for this again?!?")

Emotion #2 - Content ("I guess I'll tolerate her and go with this for a few minutes.  Maybe she'll bribe me with something!")

Emotion #3 - Happy ("This is kind of fun and my Mama is funny looking making all these noises at me!")

Emotion #4 - Pure joy ("I have the bestest Mama ever!")

Emotion #5 - Satisfied, but losing her quickly ("This is taking longer than I thought...")

"If something fun doesn't happen soon, I am outta here!"

"She offered me Bubble Guppies if I smile and say 'cheese,' so I have to sit here for another minute to placate her!"

Emotion # 6 - Bored ("I thought she meant an entire episode of Bubble Guppies, not 30 seconds on this stupid thing!")

Emotion #7 - Delighted ("She promised me a longer episode later!")

Emotion #8 - Devastation ("I can't believe she took away MY iPhone... worst Mama ever!!!")

Yup, a 30 second in the life review of our days around here!

Our 20 month favorites and an update...

**We started drinking coconut milk, in addition to rice milk, in order to increase her fat intake each day.
**Still obsessed with Thomas and Bubble Guppies
**About 150 words in her repertoire.  She is starting to combine a lot of words together to create 2-3 word phrases and sentences.  New favorites include - "all better!" "Cheese!"  "Crash"  "My blanket" "Dada, where are you?"  "KC, where are you?"  "More cookies" "Ready!"  "Bless you"  "Welcome... thank you.... welcome!"  "Abcs"  "In trash"  "It's you!"  "Up and down"  "Mama and Dada"  "I got you."  She also loves to say hello to absolutely everything/everyone these days -"Hi puppy!"  "Hi, KC!"  And my personal favorite, when you have been with her for hours and she lights up and says, "Hi Mama!" like she just noticed you were there!
**First double ear infection on 1/2/2013 -- way to kick off the new year, Georgia!
**Loves to eat chicken nuggets, chips, cookies (especially Oreos), hot dog, chicken, turkey, ham, sweet potatoes, Fruit Loops (Thank you, Bahamas!), Lucky Charms (eats ONLY the marshmallows out of the box), french fries, pretzel "sticks", bananas, sausage, and strawberries
**Mild obsession with the bathroom.  She now likes to flush the toilet, hand you the paper, and point at her bottom and tell you when she made a deposit.  I guess toilet training is not all that far off in the future!
**She loves to throw things in the trash and will gladly throw anything in there, if you ask
**She's a great retriever - Georgia, go get the X
**She loves her stuffed animals and blankets.  She sleeps with approximately 4396 of them each night.
**She loves the "Wheels on the Bus" and "If You're Happy and You Know It."  She will sing along with each.
**She loves the alphabet song and will proudly sing "A-B-C-D-E-D-E!"  She likes numbers too and can count to 3 now.
**She loves to color in the bathtub and seems to be learning her colors, as well as one heck of a tripod grip.  The OT at my school would be so proud!  She loves to color in her coloring books and on paper.
**She loves her Pottery Barn Kids chair and drags it all over the living room.
**She loves zippers.  If you have one on, she is content to "zip" you all day long.
**We continue to take off our shoes and socks every single time we are in the car.  Doesn't matter if you are driving 500 miles to Massachusetts or just down to the corner.
**Loves to be tickled, especially by her Daddy.  "Again, again, again!!"
**She loves the iPad and iPhone and has a plethora of apps that are just for her.   One of her favorites is Starfall.
**Still loves her bath time, especially splashing and getting everyone wet around her!
**Loves to unload the dishwasher, especially the silverware
**She loved Christmas - the lights, the pictures, the cards, etc.  She would walk in and immediately yell "On!" to the tree.  She put the lights on at my Mom's house about 30x/day.
**She adores her daycare boyfriend, "Jayson!"  If she is grumpy in the morning, just one mention of his name and she is up.  His father has already been warned, considering they are also our neighbors!!

And... she gives the BEST hugs!

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