Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Trek North...

After almost 10 hours in the car yesterday, we finally arrived in MA last night.  Unfortunately, a lot of people had the same travel plans that we did, so the exodus north up I-95 took longer than expected.  Luckily, for us, Georgia slept through a good portion of New Jersey.  She woke up in NY and was fully done with being in the car by the time we received CT.  Thank goodness for iPad headrest holders and endless episodes of Bubble Guppies and Thomas & Friends got us to MA!  

Although it was close to Georgia's bedtime by the time we arrived, she was full of energy and couldn't wait to run around with Mimi and Papa for awhile.  Anything goes at Mimi's house!

Breaking into the Chex

"Noman!!!" as she points to her snowman shirt

As Mimi whipped out lots of snack options for the princess, I took out my new camera (an early Christmas gift from Nick) and started playing with all the settings.  The most impressive might be the instant shot that detects when people smile.  Just point and when the person smiles, it takes the pictures.  Amazing what technology can do these days...

Instant pic of Nick's handsome smile

A little harder to catch a toddler's quick smile!

Georgia burned off some good energy before crashing last night and sleeping in until 9am this morning.  Merry Christmas to us!!

Fun game of pulling all the dish towels off the stove

Who needs toys when you have Mimi's kitchen collection?!?

Zoom function works!!

Already stealing gifts from under the tree!

Proof that anything goes at Mimi's... Lucky Charms for a snack!

Only picking out the good stuff!

Look, Mama!!

Help yourself, Georgia!

Georgia and Mimi

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