Sunday, December 9, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

Not surprisingly, Atlantis was packed for dinner on Thanksgiving night.  It was the first time all week that we had to wait in line for dinner to enter the primary buffet area.  Luckily, the girls were easily entertained by the other kids in line, all the sights/sounds, and their silly Daddies!

Georgia and Daddy waiting in line

Abby and her pink turtle

Cousin cuddles

Hugs from Uncle Ken

Ken and his ladies

Luckily, we finally got seated.  Georgia inhaled some turkey before getting antsy.  Thank goodness for the ipad!  It provided us about 20 minutes every evening to actually eat a decent dinner without too much chaos.  One episode of  Bubble Guppies and Mommy/Daddy get to eat their dinner.  The funniest part is that if we put small pieces of food on the ipad, she would continue to pick them up and eat them while watching her show.  It was a great way to sneak food into her all week long!  Georgia loved the turkey and french fries.

By far my most favorite picture from the week....

My two loves on Thanksgiving

It was a tad windy that night in the Bahamas...

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