Wednesday, December 19, 2012

RSV Strikes...

On Saturday night, Georgia started coughing... and coughing... and coughing.  We kept her home from school on Monday and by that evening, she was rocking a 103 degree fever and just wasn't herself.  Poor pumpkin.  Luckily, she was easily entertained by lots of her favorite television and snacks!  Freeze pops and Oreos were the menu of the day.  On Tuesday, Nick took her to the pediatrician to get checked out and apparently all it took was for her to listen to Georgia's breathing to suspect RSV.  A nasal swab confirmed the diagnosis.  Everyone might remember our drama with getting the RSV vaccines last year.  I'm glad I fought that battle and won seeing how miserable my little peanut was when she was hacking away and breathing uneasily.  Luckily, G is getting better with lots of rest, fluids and TLC.  I stayed home with her today and so far (fingers crossed), no sign of any fever.  Hopefully we will all be recovered in time for Santa's visit next week!!

Happily playing in the bathtub with her beloved crayons!

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