Sunday, December 2, 2012

Pool Time!

On our first full day at Atlantis, we woke up nice and early (Thanks, Georgia - you have now earned the right to your own room the next time we travel to a hotel!) and headed to breakfast.  Again, I was a nervous wreck about food on our vacation due to Georgia's allergies.  Thankfully, the breakfast menu for kids included fruit and boxed cereals.  So, I'd now like to introduce Georgia's new favorite cereal.... fruit loops!  Obviously, fruit loops make Cheerios look blah...

Yahoo for fruit loops!

The shocking thing about breakfast is that we had the ENTIRE place to ourselves.  We figured there would be tens of thousands of people cramming into these restaurants on the property for breakfast, but we had the whole place all to ourselves for the entire breakfast.  We didn't mind, especially since Georgia could be as long as she wanted without us trying to keep her under control!  And she loved the 50s/60s music in the restaurant.

We did manage to find most of the other families as soon as we headed out to the pool area.  With so many pools to choose from, we decided to spend our first day over at the Splashers Pool, which is the main kiddie area on the property.  However, we soon discovered a bizarre morning ritual at the Splashers pool area... while the kids were allowed into the pool, they were not allowed to climb onto the slides portion of the pool.  Totally understandable, except for one stupid decision by Atlantis --- they turned on the water in the slide area.  It was like a giant children magnet!   Of course, as soon as they turn on the water, every child within a mile radius would run towards the slides... and promptly be whistled at by the lifeguards.  Again and again and again and again.  It was a completely confusing experience to watch every morning.  Simple solution - don't turn on the water until you are ready for the kids to enter the pool area!!

While we waited for the all-clear signal to actually enjoy the pool, they still allow the kids to wade into the shallow pool (again, confusing policy)...

Playing with Daddy

All giggles


Swimming with Daddy


The Bahama Mama!

Next up... G discovers water slides!!!

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