Thursday, December 13, 2012

Pigtail Madness!

Guess who has hair long enough for pigtails?!?!  And guess who was beyond angry that I put pigtails in her hair?!?!  So, enjoy these few photos because they might be the only ones we see for a very long time, especially considering she ripped out the rubber bands, threw them on the floor and said "No!" shortly after these were taken!!  My baby looked all grown up and like a little lady with her pigtails...

Notice the complete pout on her face as she repeatedly said "out, out, out!" and grabbed at her hair

PS - Thanks, Mimi, for her new snowman outfit.  She got many compliments on it this past week!

The only smile I could coax out of her was to turn the camera around and tell her to say "cheese!"

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