Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Hello Santa, Goodbye Atlantis!

Our final night at Atlantis included a visit with the big guy from the North Pole.  The resort had a big Christmas party for all the kids and Mr. and Mrs. Claus were the guests of honor.  Unfortunately, Georgia was not the biggest fan of Santa.  In fact, she was downright terrified of him!

Getting a glimpse of the MASSIVE tree in the Royal Towers lobby

Not too sure of this guy!

Playing shy

On Saturday morning, we had our last breakfast at the resort before heading for the airport.  Georgia loved her morning view...

Georgia also loved riding around in cabs without her car seat while she was in the Bahamas.  Hope she lived it up since she'll be in her good ole US of A car seat for quite awhile still...

Filing her nails while in the cab - total diva

Luckily, our flight was right around naptime, so someone spent the majority of the flight knocked out cold....

And just like that... back to the normal life.   Great vacation!

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