Friday, December 7, 2012

Georgia's 1st Daiquiri....

Yup, you read that title correctly - Georgia managed to have her first strawberry daiquiri at the ripe age of 18 months!  But, before that...

We decided to try out a different pool on the Wednesday of our vacation week, so we headed over to the Beach Tower and hung out at their River Pool.  It was a zero entry pool, which made it easy for the girls.  The best part of the pool location was that it was right near the Lazy River entrance.  Both girls enjoyed floating around the gentle river, which was perfect for their age (Nick and I actually debated taking Georgia on the more adventurous river since she could sit on our laps with a life jacket on, but after I flipped in MY tube, we decided she might need another year or two before going on that one!).  Georgia loved going under the bridges and waving/shouting "hi" to the lifeguards along the route of the lazy river.  We looped around several times and just enjoyed lounging in the water.

Another day and another new swimsuit!

Guess who loved when the DJ started spinning the tunes?!?

Hanging out with Uncle Ken

Playing with their beach toys

And then came time for a snack and a drink break.  Since Georgia had fun dancing at the bar while Mommy and Auntie Sherrie got some drinks, the very nice bartender offered her the remainder of the strawberry mixture.  Girlfriend DOWNED it!!!  She went to town on that drink and didn't let up until it was gone!!!

Stir it up!

Dip, dip!


Of course, what do you get when you mix a sugary drink and a toddler??!  Insanity!!!  

Saying "O!" into the bucket and hearing the echo entertained her for quite awhile!

By early afternoon, we decided we would head back to our kiddie pool area.  Only one problem - at some point on Wednesday, Atlantis became crowded.  As in, massively crowded!!  We attributed the new crowds to cruise ships being in port, as well as the Thanksgiving holiday.  However, the Battle of Atlantis, also got underway.  Little did we know, that Atlantis was about to turn into one giant NCAA basketball party - Missouri, Duke, Minnesota, VCU, Memphis, etc.  It was crazy to see all the teams and their fans roll into the hotel.  As a huge college basketball fan, it was interesting to see the influx of the teams and their fans.  There were some TALL men roaming the property!  I had to restrain myself from yelling "GO UCONN!" at the Duke team.  The place was so crazy that the hotels officially sold out of all the merchandise for the event.  I was kicking myself because I should have bought them all at the beginning of the week and then sold them on the public beach to these crazy fans.  I could have marked up the prices and paid for our entire trip!

After roaming around for quite awhile, we eventually found some seats at the kiddie pool and Georgia shocked us all by deciding that she didn't need a nap that afternoon.  Maybe it was the daiquiri???  

It was early afternoon when the Junkanoo parade got fired up around the pool.  Georgia just watched as the band came around the pool...  She loves music, especially the drums!

Georgia hung in most of the afternoon before we decided to call it a day and go back to the room for some R and R before dinner.  Luckily, she adjusted to her new late afternoon nap (and kept it up for the rest of the week).

We also tried a different buffet that evening in the Beach Tower restaurant.  Since we arrived a few minutes before the opening, the girls got a chance to roam a new lobby area and explore....

Abby all dressed up and waiting for dinner

Georgia running around the lobby

Thoman brothers and their girls

"Aunta" and Georgia

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