Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Diving Back In...

We intended to start back up with swim lessons on Saturday mornings in January since Georgia had a great time at the classes last winter.  When I called to sign her up, they let us know that they were giving December free to any former members of the class.  We were extremely busy with lots of holiday activities during the month of December, like cookie bake and the Village community party, but we finally managed to squeeze in a visit to the pool this past Saturday.  The good news - Georgia didn't scream bloody murder the ENTIRE lesson.  The bad news - someone has gotten a lot more opinionated since lessons last winter!!!  I heard and could see her telling Nick "no" when she didn't want to do something.  Oh boy.  January might be the only month we do swim lessons if this holds up!!!

Guess who is screaming because she didn't want to float on her back?!

At least she enjoyed free play time at the end!

Shockingly, she left the bathing cap on!

Hoarding all the balls

Her attitude is sooooo funny and so toddler-like.  In some ways, she is so opinionated and stubborn.  Nick will just shake his head and pretend he had no idea where she got those mannerisms from (ahem!).  Yet minutes later, she is the queen of "thank you" and her newest favorite - "welcome."  She hasn't quite figured out the appropriate times to say all the different niceties, so you might hand her something and she clearly says, "Welcome!!"  Yet she hands you something and says, "Thank you!"  At least she is trying to be polite.

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