Thursday, December 6, 2012

Cousin Tag-Team!

Our second full day in the Bahamas brought more beautiful weather and another early morning at the pool for Georgia.  But this time, she had company since Ken, Sherrie and Abby had arrived the previous afternoon!  The two girls spent most of the morning exploring the Splashers Pool area...

Both Georgia and Abby had their beach toys from Mimi ready for the pool!

Playing with the Christmas ducky that Auntie Sherrie gave her


The ever fashionable, Miss Abby, showing off her pink hat!

The kiddie pool had a great area where the kids could play with all sorts of water toys.  All the little ones seemed to love these rails where water poured down and they could direct it any way they wanted. 

Abby and Daddy playing

Georgia and Abby playing... or most likely, Georgia screaming "MINE!" at poor Abby!  I'd like to officially thank our daycare for making Georgia sound like one of the seagulls from Finding Nemo - EVERYTHING and I mean everything, is "Mine!"

The best picture from dinner that evening that truly depicts the chaos of having dinner with two toddlers each night is this little shot from our first family dinner...  I like to call it Attack of the Thoman Toddlers!

And we sincerely apologize to the poor young couple who had the unfortunate experience of being seated next to us at dinner.  We swear we asked for a corner so they could scream their lungs out without being a bother!!!  :)

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Sherrie Feffer-Thoman said...

I am extremely grateful Abby did not learn "mine" while on vacation. :)