Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Eve

Our Christmas Eve tradition is to go to Nick's brother's house out in Ipswich.  This year, the girls were a little older and a little more "involved" in the action!

Abby and Georgia checking each other out!

Christmas Eve smirks????

Further evidence of why Georgia is NEVER allowed at Mardi Gras!

Poor Noa missed all the fun!

Georgia always loves hugging Uncle Ken!

Trouble and trouble enjoyed opening gifts together, until they both wanted each others' gifts!!

Both girls loved their new Pottery Barn Kids sleeping bags (Thanks, Auntie Sherrie!!)...

Georgia checking out Abby's new growth chart

Abby checking out her name

Sherrie and I cannot wait until the girls are old enough for a "real" sleepover.... at Mimi's house... so we can go out!!  :)

Hanging out in G's new bag

Cuddling with Auntie Sherrie

And every now and then, there is just an adorable moment in life that comes along...

Holding hands

It's always fun to see the Thoman men with their little ladies....

Uncle Ken making G laugh

Uncle Nick reading with Abby

Kisses from Uncle Ken

Christmas Eve wrestling match

Silly Uncle Nick

Worn out from all the fun!

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