Saturday, December 8, 2012

A Day At the Beach!

We decided that Thanksgiving Day at Atlantis would be a great time to try out the lagoon beach instead of sitting by the pool during the day.  So, we planned for a day at the beach.  What do they say about best laid plans?!?  It only took seconds before Georgia decided she HATED the beach... or at least, the sand.  As soon as we put her down, the only thing she repeated again and again and again was "I stuck!!"  She was not a fan of the sand.  Nick got her to sit down and play for a few minutes, but then she remembered that she was sitting in the sand and she got upset all over again.

Early morning at the lagoon


My favorite picture from the morning...

My baby's footprints

And a few more keepers....

Thanksgiving 2012

Since we only lasted a few minutes at the beach, we spent the rest of the day over at our regular pool.  Unfortunately, even more cruise ships were in port, so we didn't get our "normal" spot, but close enough.  The big kids got to enjoy some trips down the slides and rides on the crazy river while the girls played.  Georgia seemed to think that the Atlantis tubes were the most fun thing to do for the day...

Trying on Abby's hat!


Go Sox!

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