Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Dig...

In my opinion, The Dig and the Ruins Lagoon, was one of the coolest aspects of Atlantis.  The 2.7 million gallon tank was amazing and held such a vast array of sea life.  The first time I saw it, I literally jogged down the passageway to follow two unbelievably gorgeous manta rays as they glided along.  By far the biggest disappointment from our honeymoon dives in Bora Bora was that we didn't get to see any manta rays in the wild.  They are just HUGE!  

Each night before bed, we usually walked down to The Dig to take a look at the fish and say goodnight to them.  Georgia loved exploring the tunnels and would scream "whoah!" again and again as she watched all the creatures swim along.

The moray eel exhibit


Too bad you couldn't dive in to catch your own dinner!

More lobsters

Georgia checking out the baby zebra shark


The manta viewed from above

Georgia checking out the manta from below

Hello gorgeous!

Checking the fish out with Daddy

Night after night, Georgia would run through The Dig...

Sticking that cute tush out while checking on the Look-downs

This grouper certainly looks a lot different from Mr. Grouper on "Bubble Guppies!"

A spooky statue

The Dig

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