Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Next Stop... Bahamas!!

Last Saturday was a flurry of activity around our house as we prepped for our first ever plane voyage with Georgia.  Last minute trips to the ATM, laundry, and lots of number crunching (aka - how many diapers do you really need for a week in the tropics and how much rice milk does Georgia really drink in a week?!?!) were the theme of the day.  Then the actual packing fun began...

Georgia's pre-packing area

Nick and I's piles of clothes

We managed to squeeze everything into one large suitcase, one medium suitcase, and a duffel bag that we planned to carry on.  The rest went into backpacks.  It was quite an adventurous packing list - beach toys, regular diapers, swim diapers, night diapers, etc.  We even packed some of our scuba gear because we hoped to squeeze in a dive or two one morning while we were in the Bahamas.  We also packed the entire medicine cabinet, in case of an illness.  We even packed Georgia's nebulizer, in case we needed it down there.  I also had an official letter from our pediatrician granting me permission to carry Georgia's rice milk through security.  Obviously, it was in containers larger than 3oz and even more obvious was the fact that you just can't pick up a carton of rice milk on the other side of security!!!

I even packed a special Georgia backpack, which was filled to the top with entertainment options for the flight, as well as snacks, snacks and more snacks!  Over the past few weeks, I had picked up coloring books, crayons, stickers, stamps, books and any other little gadget that I could find at the $1 store.  We were set!  And if all else failed, the ipad was stocked with "Bubble Guppies" episodes.

So, at the crack of dawn on Sunday morning (actually, way before dawn), we hopped in the car and headed to the airport in DC.  We rocked out to Christmas tunes as the sun started to peek over the horizon.  Luckily, we made it through security without any hassle about the milk in the bag (or the yogurt I stuck in the bag too!).  All in all, from the parking lot to the gate, it took maybe 20 minutes max.  Since we had lots of time to spare, we sat down to breakfast and then let Georgia roam the terminal.  She had a blast checking out all the "airplanes" and the "bus" that would pull up to some of the smaller gates.  

Checking out a busy gate

Totally entertained by all the action

Roaming the terminal

Watching our plane pull up to the gate with Daddy as the sun rises in DC

One giddy girl doing her butt spins while we wait to board

Happy as can be!

Georgia did amazing on her first flight!  She had her moments, but as long as we kept her entertained and whipped out treats and toys from the backpack, she did great.  Of course, Miss Nosey loved walking up and down the aisles saying hello to everyone.  There were lots of families on board, so she certainly wasn't the only child aboard the plane.  The flight attendants were very nice to her.  She did great with take-off and landing and happily drank her milk at both times.  She loved looking out the window, especially once we were over the "Watah!"  Of course, Georgia never fails to entertain.  She would stand on our legs and wave hi to all the passengers sitting behind her.  She hit her wall around 2 hours into the flight, so we took out the ipad and the ever popular "Bubble Guppies" got us through the final half an hour without a peep.  She got lots of praise from our fellow passengers on the way out.  The only surprise was the package that Georgia decided to deliver during landing.  We hoped no one noticed that the stench was coming from our row!  Mission #1 in the Bahamas - find a changing table!!!

Within 10 minutes of landing, we had our bags, made it through immigration and customs and we were on our way to the resort.  We couldn't wait to check out Atlantis after almost 11 months of planning...

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