Friday, November 9, 2012

Mimi Visits... With Lots of Laughs!

Last summer, my mom and I were looking at the upcoming school calendar and realized that I had a 4 day weekend in early November.  It looked like a great time for a visit to Maryland!!

Georgia literally launched herself at Mimi when the doorbell rang on Friday afternoon.  She immediately decided that Mimi needed her hair brushed...

Georgia was thrilled to be the center of attention for 4 straight days...

Playing in the toy box

At Tumble Tunes on Saturday morning (it was costume week!)

Georgia had a pajama day on Sunday, as Nick and I recovered from a Saturday night out with friends in the city.  Nick may have eaten the largest cut of steak that I've ever laid eyes on, but my lobster pot pie was beyond A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!  We highly recommend Bourbon Steak at the Four Seasons, if anyone is looking for a night out in DC.

Coloring on Sunday morning

Reading a book

On Sunday night, Georgia discovered our local newspaper and was thrilled to tear it to shreds (Nick and I always thankful to daycare for teaching her this handy-dandy skill!).   It's amazing the little things that can entertain a toddler for HOURS...

Put the pieces in the cup!

And dump it out!

On Monday, Nick went back to work and I had to attend Georgia's parent-teacher conference!  All good reports from school (amazingly, they've never seen any of the "toddler" behavior that we're starting to see at home!)...

Mimi taking a very important phone call!

Still reading all of our Halloween cards!

One of my new favorite pictures!!


Georgia spent a lot of time upstairs this week playing in her room, in Mimi's room, and also playing with a whole bunch of new stuffed animals.  Well, new to her.  Old to me.  I discovered a box of Care Bears from my childhood, so we washed them and fluffed them up this weekend.  Georgia LOVED playing with them all weekend.

Playing with the bears


Playing on the bed

Also on Monday, we ran to Target for our weekly supply run.  Of course, Georgia convinced Mimi to buy her a book.  Shockingly, she picked out one her new favorites - Thomas!!

So excited for her new Thomas book!

Showing Mimi her book!

She loves all the new songs and noises that the book makes!  She was dancing all over the place...

My mom stripped the bed to wash the sheets before she left on Tuesday morning and Georgia thought re-making the bed was absolutely the MOST fun thing in the world!!!

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