Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Halloween 2012

Unfortunately, Georgia was feeling a little under the weather on Halloween this year.  She had been battling a belly issue all week long and we thought she'd made a recovery.... until she threw up all her breakfast minutes before Nick planned on bringing her to daycare on the morning of Halloween.  Ooops - change o' plans!

Not feeling so good, but looking cute in her Halloween outfit!!

Georgia ended up spending the majority of her day at home with Daddy just cuddling and watching some taped episodes of Bubble Guppies.  Thank goodness for Bubble Guppies, as Nick had to make a few work calls during the day.

Cuddle time on Halloween day

Luckily, by the time Halloween evening rolled around, Georgia was back to her old self and ready to get all dressed up for the big night out...

OR maybe we aren't so excited to go out?!?!?!?

Georgia was extremely upset when she looked in the mirror and saw her nose painted.  "NOSE!!!" she kept screaming!

Nick and G headed out early in the evening so she could visit a few neighbors (and score some candy for Daddy!)...

Grumpy kitty

Heading to our neighbors

Heading up the street

Not surprisingly, it only took Miss Smarty Pants one house before she figured out the routine.  Ring the bell, steal the candy, say "bye" and run back to Daddy!  Nick and Georgia ran into our neighbors on their way out, so they joined forces to hit up a few houses together...

Trick-or-treat (says the lion and kitten!)

Georgia was pretty excited about her bag of treats when she arrived back to the house.  Nick and I had bought her some safe treats, like mini-Oreos and she was thrilled to dive into the bag!


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