Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Exploring Atlantis...

After a gorgeous drive along the shores of the island (and Georgia's first cab experience sans car seat - which she loved!), we went over a big bridge and found ourselves in Paradise... literally... Paradise Island.  It's hard to describe the size of Atlantis because it seems to go on for miles and miles.

This web image shows the shear size of the property... and that is leaving out all the area on the left side!!

Upon arrival, we were thrilled to find out that our room was ready and we could check in.  We had been warned that we might not be able to check in until 4pm and it was only just after noon when we arrived.  However, we were told that the hotel would be near full capacity for the holiday.  Darn, no upgrade!  After trekking upstairs and making sure we had a crib for Georgia and a fridge for her milk, we decided to go exploring.  First order of business...


Since we were starving, we sat down to lunch and ordered our first (but certainly not last) drinks of vacation.  We were blown away by the walk to the grill.  Fish, sharks, sea turtles, and other sea life EVERYWHERE!  As "ocean people," we loved it.

Checking out the sharks

Loving Daddy

All alone in the predator tunnel

Immediately, we were impressed with all the staffs' interactions with Georgia.  It's certainly not at the level of Disney World standards of staff friendliness, but in terms of the islands, we were impressed.  They were extremely friendly and people went out of their way on multiple occasions to check ingredients for us in the food they were serving to ensure that things were safe for Georgia to eat.  Luckily, most grilled items seemed to be cooked in vegetable oil vs butter, so she had a wide variety of options for dinner most nights.  That didn't mean that I wasn't a complete and nervous wreck the entire time that she was going to eat something that was cross-contaminated, but we made it.  Most of the staff went out of their way to talk to Georgia, say hello or be sweet to her in some manner.  Even when she was being irritable, they were completely tolerant.

After grabbing a quick lunch, the first priority was a nap for Georgia... and Daddy.  There was no way I was going to fall asleep and waste an afternoon in the tropics, so I went exploring the property.  Even on my own, I wasn't able to cover the entire property in the 90 minutes that I went exploring, but I did find some gorgeous views!

View of the Royal Towers (at $25,000/night, we weren't able to afford the bridge suite this time around!)

Checking at the resort from the other side of the lagoon

A view of our hotel, the Coral Towers (on the left), and the casino (on the right)

The beach!

While my loves finished their nap, I checked in with the front desk about our adjoining room, since Ken, Sherrie and Abby were due to arrive the next day.  Unfortunately, there seemed to be no record of that request, even though Sherrie and I both called multiple times to ensure it was attached to both of our reservations.  Luckily, I had a very thorough front desk clerk who continued to work on the issue for 30+ minutes until she was able to get us into a new room with an adjoining room available.  So, up I ran with the new room keys and Nick and I stealthily moved all our luggage a few rooms down while Georgia slept.  Then the princess got rolled down the hall in her crib and into her new room!  Not the most convenient room swap in history, but we made it work... and fast.

Off to dinner we went to check out the buffet.  Overall, not too bad.  Unfortunately, Georgia had decided only days earlier that she is now "Mama" obsessed, so I rarely get to be separated from her without a complete and utter meltdown.  After 18 months of being a "Daddy's girl," the tide has turned.   After a long day of travel, it was in full effect at dinner.  So we shoveled in our food and decided to keep checking out the place.  

Next up... The Dig!

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