Thursday, October 4, 2012

17 Months...

Lesson learned... when your 17 month old doesn't want to have a photo shoot, she really doesn't want to have her picture taken!  We got a few shots, but mostly Grumpy wasn't having it...

Not another sticker!!!

Get it off!

Looking all grown up

Closest thing to a smile we can get this month...

Looking at one of her picture books...

It's amazing the huge leaps in development that she makes every month.  Even at daycare, she moved up to the next class this month - she is officially a Ladybug now!

This month, Georgia learned a whole slew of new words - "blanket, ow!, down, airplane, bunny, head, nose, night-night, book, O's, apple, auntie" and just yesterday... "bike!"  She loves nothing more than her beloved green blanket.  From the moment she wakes up until the moment she goes to bed, she carries around "blanket."  Since our trip to the orchard, "apples" is another popular word.  In fact, pumpkins are now "apples" too!  

Things that Georgia loves right now...
* Cookies!  I made a dairy-free, egg-free, peanut-free cookie and Georgia devours them!
* Muffins!  
* Cheerios
* Green blanket
* All of her stuffed animals
* Being chased
* Standing on the couch
* Cats and dogs
* Going down the slide
* Watching older kids play
* Raiding the pantry
* Bubbles
* Swings
* Throwing balls
* Looking at her photo books
* Looking at books
* Sitting at her table
* Tilapia
* The theme song from "Thomas the Tank Engine"
* Dancing
* Playing with lego blocks and magnets
* Climbing everywhere - "UP, UP, UP!!!"

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