Sunday, September 30, 2012

Even More Playground Fun....

Georgia and I are even MORE determined to squeeze in afternoon time at the playgrounds while the weather is still beautiful after a rainy afternoon last week forced us indoors for the day.  It was a LOOOOONG 3 hours from walking in the door until Daddy's arrival home and dinner when you're stuck inside without a trip to the playground.

More and more I find myself just using my iphone to take pictures.  It's handy because it's always with me and Instagram has amazing touch-up features to make every picture look beautiful.  I was psyched this week to also find an app called Postal Pix, which allows you to print out your pictures from Instagram.  If you've got Instagram, we'd love to see your pictures too - friend us at jennthoman.  

The highlights from our weekday adventures at the playgrounds in the neighborhood...

Wanting to try out the horsey after watching Mama ride it!

Future cowgirl?!?

My Instagram pic of the day!

Georgia loves to climb up the stairs to the big slide all by herself these days...

Free the cute baby!

Who loves their Auntie?!?!  She's lucky enough to have some great ones!

We're still not entirely sure about the swings.  Some days they rock and other days they scare the daylights out of her!

And yet another day...

Coming up the stairs...

Loves the spinny dinosaurs

Instagram pic of the day

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