Saturday, August 25, 2012

Goodbye New England!

We wrapped up our trip to New England by heading north to New Hampshire and the picturesque town of Meredith on the shores of Lake Winnipesaukee for Victoria and Dennis' wedding.  Luckily, we had ample volunteers to take care of Georgia since Mimi/Papa Kevin were also attending the wedding.  So we dropped Georgia off at Auntie's house on early Sunday afternoon.  G had a blast hanging out with her cousins and being spoiled with girlie gifts for the day/night.

I managed to snap a few family photos at the wedding...

Kevin (father of the groom) and Mom

The gorgeous bride (who arrived by boat - so cool!) and her dad


Beautiful Church Landing

Hanging out in the lakeside gazebo during cocktail hour

Mom and I

The Thomans

Of course, Georgia had a blast being spoiled at Auntie's for the night.  Apparently she was the neighborhood ambassador waving to all the neighbors on their street all night long.  When we arrived the next day to pick her up, her and Auntie were color coded...

The pink ladies!

The drive back to Maryland was quite exhausting.  We hit back-ups in New York and New Jersey, as well as thunderstorms in Maryland which slowed us down considerably.  Georgia did amazing in the car, but I'm thrilled that we won't be traveling for quite awhile because it was exhausting trying to keep her occupied.  Nick and I swapped out frequently to entertain the princess in the back seat.  Typically she takes a 2-3 hour nap during the day, but she only snoozed quickly in the car.  Instead, she was wide awake and wanted toys, food, drinks, etc.  

Toy #1 - Mama's sunglasses

Number one reason why Mama only owns cheap sunglasses!!

Toy #2 - Cuddly stuffed animals, including her beloved "Little Bear"

Toy #3 - Books

When all else fails, just hand over your cell phone.  At the least, you get some very interesting Georgia self-portraits...

What a face!

Home sweet home... many hours later.  Back to work, daycare and a new school for me!

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