Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Plague...

It's official - Nick and I have caught Georgia's plague!  After 10 years teaching in elementary schools, I never thought I'd succumb to Hand, Foot and Mouth.  Yet, here I am covered in blisters.  My hands have taken the brunt of the beating, so I'm typing with my ring and pinky fingers since they are the only fingers I have left without large blisters on them.  Everyday tasks have become fairly challenging - I struggled to get off the toothpaste cap this morning, as well as packing Georgia's daycare bag.  Luckily, Nick's hands aren't so bad right now.  We both have blisters on the bottom of our feet too, which makes walking around a struggle.  The ones in my nose and throat are the bain of my existence, as well as the ones on my thumbs.  I text Nick yesterday and said I felt sub-human without the use of my thumbs!!  From everything we read, it seemed like we were safe from catching this from Georgia.  Guess not!  I'm blaming it on the fact that Nick and I both had mild colds last week.  I'm assuming that lowered our immune system enough to catch THE PLAGUE!!

Thank goodness I took off my wedding rings yesterday.  I started feeling some pressure on them and when I took them off, I found a series of blisters forming underneath.  UGH!

Yup, they are actual blisters!  Can't grip anything.

Before I became diseased, I got to spend the weekend in CT with my girlfriends from college.  Sorority reunion!!!  It was great to spend time with the women who were my closest friends and roommates from those 4 wonderful years at UCONN.  It also gave Nick his first opportunity to solo parent for a weekend.  Everyone survived!

I obviously haven't had a chance to take Georgia's 15 month pictures, but it's on the to-do list for later this week once I have regained the use of my fingers!!  Luckily, she seems to have gotten over the worst of her rash and is on the mend.  My prediction on her teeth seems to be coming true as Nick noticed yet another new tooth in her mouth this morning.  It looks like one of her molars has popped through on the top.  That's two teeth in one week.  Her bubble obsession continues...  On Sunday night, the moon was high in the bright blue sky early in the evening.  Georgia pointed at it and screamed, "bubble!"   

Other big news - I glanced at the blog stats yesterday and this little blog has officially hit 50,000+ views!!!  WOW - thanks, loyal readers!

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