Wednesday, February 22, 2012

She's on the Move!!

Oh yes, Miss G is now on the move!!  Does anyone want to adopt a skittish 3 year old cat who is scared to death of children?  I have a feeling KC wants a new living situation ASAP!!  :)

I ran out on Sunday afternoon to run some errands and left Georgia at home with Nick and my Mom.  Within minutes of leaving the house, I got a text from Nick telling me that they managed to bribe Georgia to army crawl.  She'll do anything to get to an iphone!  She is such her father's daughter with the love of technology.

Of course, I finished up my errands super quick so I could get back home and watch this new entertainment!

Of course, Georgia did not find crawling half as entertaining as the rest of us did...

Classic Thoman Parenting Tip #354 - When your kid gets tired of trying to do something, definitely offer more bribery to encourage child...

If only she wasn't such an angry army crawler!!!

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