Friday, November 4, 2011

Milk Does a Body Good!

Georgia and I went to her 6 month well visit this morning at her pediatrician's office.  She was also due for her next round of vaccination shots and her first official flu shot. 

She had a GREAT night of sleep last night and slept for 11+ straight hours.  She seems to be doing great with weaning off her middle-of-the-night bottle and she hasn't woken up in the middle of the night for the past two nights.  We have increased her bedtime bottle and made sure we are cluster feeding her at night, which seems to always be the key with her.  I'm sure the ounce or so of squash she has been eating around dinnertime is helping too.  Keep it up... please!!!!!

Today was a make-up appointment from the pediatrician having to cancel and reschedule from last week.  Hence, the place was crazy today.  It seemed like they were triple-booked.  We've always been in-and-out of the office within 30-40 minutes for past appointments.  Today, we sat in the waiting area for 45 minutes.  I was not pleased, especially with the mother of the four year old who was obsessed with Georgia and kept trying to come over and touch her.  His nasty cough sounded lovely.  Frankly, I was ridiculously pissed off at his mother who looked on and let him continue to try to touch her after I asked him nicely to not touch the baby.  The mom just smiled as I shot her my look of death stare.  On the third pass and after he climbed onto the chair next to us, Georgia and I went for a stroll around the office.  I'm estimating she is sick within 2 days of starting daycare if that interaction is any indication?!?!?  At least she will be in the infants room.  Hopefully the other babies are as non-interested in touching and visiting other babies as Georgia is.  She just looked and stared at all the kids running around the office in disbelief.  Her head looked like she was watching a tennis match as it whipped back and forth watching the action and the noise!

Georgia was beyond well-behaved considering how long we waited and her lack of a morning nap!  She was desperate for a bottle by time we got into an exam room.  Of course, the tap water ran cool, so trying to heat up a bottle was a fun time.  Finally the nurse went and got a mug of hot water.  Georgia was hysterical - she just stared quietly at the bottle the entire time it was warming up!  If I moved, she moved her head/body so that she could watch her bottle. 

So, her stats from her 4 month appt back at the end of August were...

                                          Weight - 13.35oz         (40%ile)
                                    Height - 23 inches     (10%ile)
                                    Head - 15 inches         (<3%ile)

And today's 6 month stats were...

                                   Weight - 16.14oz         (50-75%ile)
                                   Height - 26 inches      (50-75%ile)
                                   Head - 16 inches         (10%ile)

I'm fairly certain that her weight would have been at least one pound more if Georgia did not have a massive diaper blow-out this morning!  The switch to solid foods has definitely slowed down her system a lot and she had been brewing this for a few days.  HOLY *&%$!!!  Literally.  I immediately called Nick and said he missed out on that experience.  The doctor recommended adding in a bit of prunes to her lunch or dinner to see if that helps the problem.  Yummy prunes!

We saw a new pediatrician today and as soon as she walked in she said, "Wow - you'd never know she was a preemie!"  I can't tell you how amazing it feels to hear someone say that, especially when for months all you hear from strangers is, "She's so tiny!"  She also said her chubby cheeks were a sign of "great health."  She said we didn't even need to bother to use  the adjusted growth charts for her anymore because she is solidly on the regular growth chart and her growth curve looks amazing.  She was impressed with how Georgia is doing with her milestones and said that a lot of babies at 6 months aren't even rolling yet so for her adjusted age of 3 months, it was amazing. 

We talked about the continued denial from Blue Cross for the synagis shot.  She said she wasn't surprised given the fact that Georgia is "just too healthy to qualify."  There could be worse reasons! 

After her exam, Georgia got her vaccine shots and her flu shot.  As always, she was a trooper.  I think her new nickname should be "Thumper" because the entire time the nurse was prepping the shots, Georgia stomped away on the exam table.  Per the usual routine, Georgia was much more pissed off about being held down than the actual shots.  She was also ravenous at this point, so I immediately stuck her bottle in her mouth after the bandaids were applied and she happily gulped down 4 oz.  I was not apologetic about staying in the exam room for a few extra minutes considering how long we waited today.

Her next well visit isn't until February.  However, she'll go back in one month for a flu booster shot.  We also have orders for more labwork to double-check her blood levels, since her crit was low when she was discharged from the NICU and they wanted the pediatrician to keep an eye on it vs giving her another transfusion of Nick's blood before she went home.  She wasn't too concerned, especially with Miss Rosey Red Cheeks!  Next week we also have our first trip back to the NICU in  a long time for her 6 month developmental evaluation with their team.

Overall, good visit.  Bad wait.  Georgia is out cold in her carseat and has been since we left the doctor's office.  She earned a good long nap!

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