Monday, October 10, 2011

New Faces...

Today was such a great day.  Georgia finally got to meet a bunch of her relatives that live here in Massachusetts. 

We started off the day with a visit from Ken, Sherrie and Abby.  It was great to get the girls together and finally have a "play date" with the cousins.

Totally interested in each other????

Okay, so maybe the visit wasn't so much for the parents but for the adults!!

Toasting the new additions to the family!

Yeah - I finally got to hold my little Abby princess!

Uncle Nick playing with Abby

Auntie Sherrie and Uncle Ken getting to hold Georgia for the first time.

Trying to get good group pictures of babies with adults is almost impossible.  Either the adults are looking or the babies.... or neither, in most cases!  If the babies are smiling it's because the adults are making goofy faces or bouncing them all around and therefore, not smiling themselves.  Thank goodness for digital cameras these days.

The Thoman boys with the little lady Thomans

My Aunt Polly and cousin, Kristen, also joined us this afternoon...

Georgia and Kristen

Aunt Polly, the baby whisperer!

And finally, Uncle Paul, Aunt Pat and Aunt Elaine came by for quick visits...

Gigging with Uncle Paul

Cuddles with Aunt Elaine

Hanging out with Aunt Pat

Of course, with the change of schedule and location, Georgia decided to boycott her naps today.  Hopefully she'll sleep tonight.  She was not a happy camper last night after skipping her nap during her baptism. 

In other news, Georgia is officially 3 months old (adjusted) today.  We may have sneaked in a quick photo shoot on Friday before we left the house...

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