Tuesday, September 27, 2011

200th Post!

Can you believe we've reached the 200th post of the blog?!?!  Not bad for not even being a year old yet!  My first post was back on October 24, 2010.  Back then, life was all about building the house.  We would find out that I was pregnant just a few short weeks later.  Amazing how life flies by!

A few other numbers to ponder today...

179 days...   How many days ago we moved into the house

151 days...   How many days ago Georgia was born

50 days...   How many days until I return to work  :(

103 days...   How many days Georgia has been home with us

215 days....   How many days until Georgia turns 1

89 days....   How many shopping days until Christmas (I LOVE Christmas!!!!!)

10 days...   How many days until Georgia's first road trip to Massachusetts for her baptism

1531.5 oz...   How much breastmilk is stored in the basement freezer (Don't mess with me Allegheny Power Company!!!)

33 Gallons....   How much milk I have pumped since Georgia was born (Just call me the Dairy Bar!)

7 Days...   How many total number of hours (in days) I have spent hooked up to that pump!!

10lbs, 1 oz...   Amount of weight Georgia has officially gained since she was born (not counting this month)

6.75 inches...   Amount of inches that Georgia has grown since she was born

1...   How many times Georgia has rolled over (And it doesn't look like that number is increasing anytime soon!)

20...   Amount of emails Georgia has received (you can always drop her a note at Georgia.Thoman@gmail.com)

26,206...   Amount of visits this blog has received since it started

10...   Number of countries where this blog has been viewed (Hello Russia!!)

122...   Ranking of "Thoman House" on Top Baby Blogs at this moment (you can vote once a day!!)

A billion...   How many times a day I stare at Georgia and just love her!!!!

How can you resist that face (and those rolls!)?!?