Wednesday, August 10, 2011

One Month...Again!

Today we celebrate Georgia's one month (adjusted) birthday.  Meaning, had she been born on her actual due date of July 10th, she would have been 1 month old today.  The doctors keep track of both her actual and her adjusted age for the first year or two.  So, happy 1-month birthday....AGAIN!  Good thing she is not old enough to milk this double birthday thing or we (aka - her father) would be in trouble.

What a long way she has come.  She is more than double her weight from her actual one month birthday while she was still in the NICU.  These pictures were from May 29th (her actual 1 month birthday)...

She was already off oxygen at this point, but had that horrible tube up her nose still.

May 29th weighing in at 4.76lbs

And a reminder of what she looked like just one month ago...

Taken on her due date - July 10th

We had our photo shoot this morning with.... shoes!  That's right, she finally fits into a pair of shoes.  For all that talk in the NICU about what giant feet she had, she hasn't fit into a pair of newborn shoes until today. 

The cuteness from today...

Why am I always being propped up in this chair?!?!?

Check out my new kicks!

I'm officially officially 1 month old now!

Do you like my dress? 

Check out those rolls on my chunky thighs!

How YOU doin'?

It's hard to sit up with these cheeks weighing me down!

I'm looking at my pretty tree on the wall.

Girly girl shoes that never stop moving

We didn't get another 8 hour stretch of sleep last night, which was to be expected.  However, she slept for almost a 6 hour stretch followed by another 3 hour stretch, so we can't complain too much.  For awhile last night we weren't sure we were going to get any sleep.  Georgia was pretty fussy from about 9pm until bedtime last night.  She seemed to be having some belly woes and lots of gas.  No fun!  That also seems to be becoming her "witching hour" when she's fighting sleep, we're fighting sleep because we want her to stay up a bit longer, and she is just plain ole cranky from a long day being a baby.  Luckily, she seemed to crash after her bath and bottle and everyone was able to get some sleep.  That includes KC, who gets fairly angry when Georgia wakes her up in the middle of the night.  She has been sleeping in between Nick and  myself and she does not seem to appreciate lights being turned on and general action between the hours of 3-6am.  No kidding, KC!

On a more serious note... Typically when I'm up pumping in the middle of the night and Nick is feeding Georgia, I use that time to read through some preemie boards and blogs.  I learn so much from others' experiences and sometimes I feel like they are the only other moms who "GET" what we have experienced the past few months.  I've never posted on any of these websites, but lurk and read and try to learn a thing or two.  It always seems that Georgia fits in so much better with these babies than with babies born in April of 2011 (when she was actually born) or with the babies in the July 2011 groups (when she was supposed to be born).  We're somewhere in between those two groups.

Last night, I stumbled across a blog I had never read before (  The woman's story struck close to home.  Her water broke when she was almost 26 weeks pregnant with twins.  If you remember, my water broke when I was 27 weeks pregnant with Georgia.  She made it 13 days on bedrest, repeated ultrasounds, monitoring, bad hospital food, etc. before giving birth to her twins at almost 28 weeks.  Her posts were so hopeful, including the news that even after her water broke, her fluid levels started increasing and her bedrest was working.  If you remember, my levels never increased and continued to drop becase of my "slow leak."  Even her BPP scores were better than mine - because of the increasing fluid, her twins would score 8/8.  If you remember, Georgia was always considered a 6/8 because she had such little fluid in there.  I made it 17 days and Georgia was born at almost 30 weeks.  I will forever be grateful to the doctors and medical staff at Holy Cross who helped me keep Georgia in there for that long.  I truly believed it is what helped her survive and thrive in the NICU. 

Unfortunately, for this woman, the same cannot be said.  One of her twins, her son, passed away yesterday.  I was absolutely heartbroken for her.  Her son only lived for four days.  I was shocked.  After reading all of her posts, it seemed like our stories were so similar.  To have such a different ending blew my mind and really hit me hard.  It just makes me all the more thankful for the care that Georgia received and that she was fighter from day #1.  I was always so scared leaving the hospital every night that something/anything could happen during the night and we wouldn't be there. 

I know we always seem to have an abundance of people thinking and praying for us.  So, if everyone who reads our blog could take a second and say a quick prayer for that family, I'd really appreciate it.  We're so blessed to have had such a string of good days over the past few months.  It was a hard reminder that things could have turned out so differently for our Georgia and my heart just breaks for that family.  Knowing that they still have a long NICU road ahead for their surviving twin, the little girl, makes it all the more difficult after going through so much already.  Please keep them in your thoughts. 


Anonymous said...

Hi Jenn, You're right...Georgia is a fighter- I remember how, after lots of worrying, you described her as crying and breathing on her own when she was born. She is simply gorgeous and has an amazing mom and dad in her court. You are all blessed to have each other. Janet :)

Can't wait to hold her again...

Sherrie Feffer-Thoman said...

I couldn't agree more... Georgia is a fighter. She gets her strength from her parents....Jenn & Nick!!!! i have no idea how you got through such a scary time?!? The last 24 hours with Abby have been pure torture. I don't know how you did it for so many weeks.

Our family is blessed that G is strong, healthy and thriving.
Love you all!