Thursday, July 7, 2011

Some "Special" Visitors

Georgia and I had a great day today visiting with my special ed team from work.  Hence, the "special" visitors title.  As usual, there was a wait list to hold Miss G. 

All of our visitors since we have gotten home have been fantastic with using all the precautions they can - handwashing, sanitizer, covering their clothes with a blanket, not touching Georgia's face, and being very respectful of our boundaries with handling Georgia.  It's obvious that she has a big fan club out there!  I've read so many comments on other blogs about how disappointed parents are in their family/friends' reactions to having to scrub up like they are going into surgery before handling the baby.  It's been the opposite with us.  Before I can open the front door, people are asking where they can wash up and what they can do to make sure they are protecting Georgia's health during their visit.

A huge thanks to Janet, Etty, and Leslie for coming to visit (and bringing a delicious lunch as bribery to get into the house!!)...

Etty getting in some cuddle time

I'm fairly certain Georgia wanted to go home with Janet!

Leslie giving G her lunch today

Nick was playing around with our camera when he got home from work tonight and got some great shots of tummy time (aka - nap time)...


Anonymous said...

It was so amazing to hold Georgia today. She looked absolutely gorgeous and Janet, Leslie and I couldn't get enough of her (Oh yea, it was nice to see you too Jenn:) Etty

Anonymous said...

I love to see her getting the royal treatment :)I like the renamed blog, too! Very fitting. Love the pictures Nick took- she looks like she has grown since last week!

Anonymous said...

Georgia is so adorable! It was fabulous spending time with you and our special ed team. Your little princess is such a cuddle bunny...I loved every second of it!! -Janet

Sherrie Feffer-Thoman said...

Those pictures from 'tummy time' are precious!!! Love her!!

Aunt Sherrie