Saturday, July 2, 2011

Nine Weeks

It's officially July in DC, which means heat, humidity and Georgia's due date rapidly approaching.  It's hard to imagine that we might still be waiting one more week for Georgia's arrival.  Most likely she would have already made her appearance because they planned to induce me at 37 weeks once they discovered the duodenal atresia.  But in a perfect world where this birth defect didn't exist, I might still be pregnant and complaining about the 100 degree heat!

Georgia is doing so great at home.  She's starting to get more into a schedule and has let Nick and I get some great sleep the past few nights.  She has been sleeping from about 12am-5am and then again from 6am-8:30/9am.  It's been fabulous!  We're hoping this is a habit that she keeps up.

She is still eating like a champ.  My newest nickname for her is "bean" because I think she is growing like a beanstalk.  Even Nick went to pick her up today and he commented that she is so heavy now!  Keep in mind, she still only weighs around 7lbs, but to us, she is HUGE!

Look at those cheeks and thighs!

I heart my mommy's milk!!

We love our nightly walks around the neighborhood.  We've been out spying out great landscaping and decks in the 'hood to get some ideas.  If we're lucky, like last night, we sometimes bump into Auntie Liz and Uncle Nick in their yard. 

Nick tried out one of our slings today.  Georgia still doesn't meet the weight requirement for one of our slings, but she weighed enough to try out the one my Aunt Cheryl gave to her...

Where's the baby???

Can you find me?

We're still working on tummy time.  Lately, we're not a fan and tummy time = sleep time. 

Cheating at tummy time

Too cute to wake up

So jealous of those killer eyelashes

Different day, same story

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A huge thank you to my co-workers Michael and Cathi for each visiting us this week.  Cathi found this bib for Georgia - totally appropriate!!!!

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